About Us


Royal Fields agricultural  and trading company L.T.D is an Arabian company of limited liability , located in Damascus Syria , we work in many agricultural and trading fields , we are basically importing and distributing some agricultural products such as chemical and organic fertilizers and , substrate  , white peat ,shading net , agricultural tools  ,irrigation equipments , and turf seeds for garden and sport . so we are dealing with many regional and international companies  around the world .

We  are agents for many regional and international companies  specialized  with agricultural materials , tools and requirements such as Del Degan ,Arrigoni , StaFor ,and Vibi  from Italy , Sico from Belgium , Brill and Solana from Germany ,  Pindstrup from Denmark ,Inno seeds , Van Egmond , Rizhpon and  Den hartigh from Holland , Bc.Fertilis  and Sanz Export from Spain ,Murakami seeds from Japan, Farmate from China , and Adriatic  , overseas,  from Jordan and  Fence International from United Arab Emirates and others.