The most important reason behind the success of greenhouses or glass houses agriculture is the proper selection of 05the extraction of different cuttings which are supposed to be dislocated and clean as this phase of plants reproduction is considered the factor which determines the success of the work. Therefore, we have selected for farmers the appropriate white beat for their work produced by (Brill) German company which is one of the most prominent companies in the world in this field and which examines and fills carefully to be characterized by the following specifications:

  • Sterilized and free from harmful Nemotuda.
  • Free from insects eggs and from all fungi that cause seeds mold.
  • It gives seeds the capability to extend and quick growth.
  • PH grade = 3.5 so that it will be ready for cuttings extraction.
  • Packaging in 250 bale.

Modern agriculture in the world depends on substrate substance for implanting, reproduction and agriculture to get proper, strong and fast growth in different plants and to get the best ultimate outcomes.

Our company is characterized by providing the best substrate agricultural substance made by the international companies and imported from the prominent international factories in Germany which get its raw materials from North Europe and treat as per the most modern agricultural technologies to get high quality which ensures the farmers, engineers and experts requirements in the international markets.



  • Implant vegetables and flowers seeds of different types.
  • Extract Cuttings , Rhizomat , Bulbs
  • Plant shadow plants and flowers in houses, nurseries and gardens.
  • Plant vegetables in plastic houses and open areas plants.
  • Plant and produce green lands for gardens and playgrounds.

General specifications

  • Free from diseases, seeds, worms and harmful animal and agricultural epidemics.
  • Gives roots capability to extend and grow quickly.
  • Add basic food elements /NPK/.
  • Economical due to its capability to maintain moisture for longer times and provide plants basic needs.
  • Soft structure consistent with seeds planting needs.
  • PH grade = 5.5 – 6 for implanting substrate.
  • Different sizes packages: 45 liter, 70 liter, 3250 liter (sizes as per European standard).

Advises and instructions

It is advised to use as new  substrate date of production as possible.

Keep containers in cool and dry place far from direct sunshine.

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