Pindstrup company is a leading company in Denmark in the field of Potting Soil and Peat Moss it was established in the06 peat business in 1905 , Today the production is sphagnum peat moss growing media for professional growers and hobby gardening. The company evolution and product development have been closely connected to professional Danish growers. Denmark is the second largest exporter of Pot plants in Europe, and for many years peat and substrates from Pindstrup have covered a great deal of the market for commercial grown plants.

Production facilities are in Denmark, Northern Ireland, Spain, Estonia and Latvia, which makes the group one of the main suppliers in Europe.

Pindstrup growing media are sold worldwide and the company has Sales offices in many countries in Europe, the Middle East, Japan, China and USA.

The most important products of the company that we import are :

  • Potting Soil , Pindstrup plus orange
  • Peat Moss, Pindstrup
  • Mushroom Soil, Pindstrup Substrate
  • Potting Soil, Pindstrup Plus Blue

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