Delta Glia


Manual pressure sprayer were innovated to spray home plants, plants basins, seedling, crops and trees at homes, 08gardens, nurseries, orchards and small farms.

The sprayer are simple, easy to use and designed to suit contemporary technical and aesthetic needs. It was made in Italy of the best and high quality plastic materials.

General advantages

1- Effective performance, easy to use and move.

2- Light and solid tanks with wide and big nozzle for easy filling and cleaning.

3- The tank was made with side transparent and gradual indicator by liter to see the liquid level therein.

4- Equipped with safety and de-pressure after use for general safety.

5- Connect the sprinkler parts (lance, handle, hose…..) with each other in a manner not requires fasteners.

6- Lance handle is appropriate and made of fiber and equipped with a filter to prevent lance blockage by impurities.

7- Lance head is adjustable.

8- Wide and large base allows the sprinkler to be firm on the ground.

9- Wide, solid and comfortable carriers could be installed on the sprayer body in both sides.

We have plastic dusting equipment   with different sizes (manual 1 kg and backpack 5 kg) equipped with powder disperse regulator, hose and long arm with wide nozzle.


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