Upon selection of the agrarian tools, professional farmers has to choose the best ones . therefore, our company seeks 12this due to save the time and efforts of the customers

Now , our company offer its kind customers a wide range of high quality agrarian tools and equipments that are manufactured by one of the most prestigious factories in Europe – Italy : STAFOR FACTORY

There are a selection of agrarian trimming scissors and saws starts from the stainless steel to the processed iron that fits most farmers .

Recently, it became necessary to use the modern technology in the different agriculture works; and the company concluded to the following By producing special manual grafter to vaccination different types of trees and bushes which are easy to use and of high quality; therefore, we advise farmers to use grafter for vaccination in order to ensure through this grafter to perform vaccination process in the eye, tongue or by splitting. You can only replace the special blade with each type of desired vaccination as shown in the attached picture.


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