Plastic net spread throughout the world for several agricultural and technical and other purposes.18

Our company has provided this net in different forms, sizes, colors and shadow rates from the most prominent international factories in Europe and Middle East in order to suit all the needs of its esteemed customers.

Plastic net is made of best plastic materials resistant to holes and tear which gives it solidity and strength supported by UV substance resistant to ultra violet ray for absolute protection from high temperatures and direct sunshine. It also gives the net long virtual service time.

Mesh uses

  • In greenhouses to produce flowers, vegetables and internal plants for protection and shadowing.
  • In private nurseries to produce vegetables seedling.
  • In orchards and farms to protect crops and trees against insects, birds and extreme sunshine.
  • In houses, restaurants, swimming pools, fairs and other places; such as general shadowing purposes (several colors).
  • For maintenance and construction works in housing compounds and buildings for protection against falling wastes and dust.
  • For shipping purposes to package goods during air, land and marine shipment.



Agriculture has always had to fight the growth of weeds which, as well as damaging the aesthetic appearance of the crops, also compete for water, light and nutrients. Weeds can also compromise pollination, distracting pollinating insects, as well as stealing vital space from other plants. A range of agricultural techniques have been used to try to tackle the growth of weeds, from manual to mechanical weeding and, more recently, chemical products. The most widely appreciated solution is using specially designed ground covers, which can be made of organic materials such as leaves and straw, or of special fabrics and plastic films.
As well as keeping weeds under control, covers used for mulching also reduce the evaporation of water from the ground and encourages early ripening of the fruit, flowers and vegetables because it keeps the covered ground stays warmer.
Among professional growers ground covers are also popular as a ground for pot plants growing areas outdoors or inside greenhouses.

Our proposal
UV-resistant polypropylene mulching sheets very robust and porous, highly trample-resistant – even allowing the passage of small tractors. They can be re-used many times and allow the passage of air to the soil beneath, thus maintaining biologically active conditions. Any excess water filters through the fabric without stagnating.



Size Product



Shading net 65 % extra

Dark Green


Shading net 75 %

Dark Green


Shading net 80 %

White 3×100

Ground covers-mulch covers



Net against flies 0.83 x 0.39 mm

White 1.8×100

Net against insects 1.17 x 0.74 mm



Net against insects1.54 x 0.97 mm