Global Irrigation Solution Provider17

The story began with a passionate and ambitious young man, whose heart and mind were set on a goal: creating something unique, global and sustainable. Set up in Jordan, Adritec started with a simple observation: there were vast spreads of farming land with scarce water resources, and a lack of technological solutions to overcome this problem.

In November 1982, a small local factory was founded, only to become one of the leading global irrigation solutions provider across the globe today.

Adritec Your Way

With almost 30 years of global experience in the field, Adritec has, at all-time, maintained its current customers’ loyalty, and continues to win the trust of a growing client base. Its steady growth, up-to-date technological development, and its presence in over 70 export markets in five continents, stems from a simple yet deep-rooted belief; we offer our customers what they need, and we offer it their way. Therefore, whatever your irrigation requirements are, we offer you the most suitable irrigation solution to suit your budget, your farm… Your Way.


To see products, please, click here.

To see products, please, click here.