Gauze ِِAgricultural


Agricultural resistant texture (non-woven texture).

The agricultural gauze is considered one of the most important achievements in the world of agriculture by which we can protect planted seeds and seedling by providing small environmental space around the seedling to protect from:

  • Low sudden temperatures and from spring frost as it maintains the temperatures higher than the atmosphere.
  • From virus insects, especially for cucumbers like the marrow.
  • Protect from birds piracy on newly planted seeds.

How to use

After planting seeds in lines cover by gauze as per the lines width and fix at the lines sides by some sand or soil and upon planting seeds and the increased size of seedling it will grow with it without causing it any damage. At the same time, it allows rain drops to enter through it.

Available sizes

  • 2 meters width.
  • 3 meters width.