Fertilis BC is a leader in developing the highest nutrient quality and concentration in active ingredients tailored to the03 demanding needs of today’s farms without compromising the profitability of the company culture . A company that has over fifteen years dedicated to meeting the needs and problems of nutritional aspect in today ‘s agriculture will bring solutions to agricultural producers, reasoning which led to the creation of a catalog of products that always has weighted the component quality , effectiveness and response field profitability.

BC ‘s commitment is to formulate fertilize agronutrientes backed by research and experience gained through the years, for increasing the yield and quality of crops and therefore profits for the producer.
BC Fertilis SL, a company close, open , versatile and fast service. A qualified and willing to improving the technical and human fertilization . A new philosophy when managing crop nutrition

Royal fields company had choose this company to market its products is Syria due to the products that it produce which has high quality and suitable to solve the problems that the local farmers are facing .


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