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Hasad fertilizers are characterized by its unlimited compositions and the elaborated rates of the highest food elements 04which are considered basic to feed plants in addition to the amounts determined accurately from the trace elements to provide the plants its needs easily and quickly so that it will acquire at the end fresh plants and plenty production of high quality.

Fertilizer advantages

Full dissolution in water.

Quick impact and absorbable.

Provide manpower.

Get more production and with best quality.

Hasad fertilizer are available with the following compositions

  • HASAD 20-20-20 + TE
  • HASAD 10-10-40 + TE
  • HASAD  15-15-30 +TE
  • NITRI – STAR 40-0-0 + TE

Royal Green 

The development and innovation which make us always realize best outcomes as we added new type of fertilizers to the world of agriculture, which is the suspension fertilizers characterized by its quick penetration into plants leading to fast outcomes in terms of its growth and freshness. The elaborated compositions of this material make it characterized by containing the basic and sub- fertilizers elements; and this makes it in turn fulfill all the plants needs during its growth phases. In addition to the possibility for leaves spray on plants which leads for high absorption speed and strong response to growth.

Advantages of suspension fertilizer

Its high competency within irrigation systems.

Improves plants growth and increases production quantitatively and qualitatively.

The fastest solution to avoid soil saltiness problems.

Acidity of some compositions makes it help opening the emitters in irrigation systems.

These fertilizers are available in many compositions: ( please download the fertilizers list to see the available compositions ) .

  • ROYAL GREEN 5-5-42+TE
  • ROYAL GREEN 20-20-20+TE
  • ROYAL GREEN 0-15-65+TE

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